What Became of the EasyJet EcoJet?

(Image: EasyJet)

In June 2007 EasyJet unveiled a conceptual design for an environmentally friendly short haul airliner called the EcoJet, set to make its maiden flight in 2015.  The passenger aircraft was designed to compete with the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 family of jets.  But nothing more was heard of the project after its launch, suggesting the EcoJet might have been a way of pressuring the industry giants into developing cleaner means of air travel.

(Image: NASA, public domain)

Adopting carbon fibre composite materials, EcoJet’s design made use of propfan engines (like the NASA development above) and was expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 75% and noise by 25%.  It will be interesting to see if this aircraft concept re-emerges in the future.  Does anyone have any information?