Abandoned Boeing 727 Becomes Exclusive Costa Rican Hotel Suite

costa verde hotel 727  Abandoned Boeing 727 Becomes Exclusive Costa Rican Hotel Suite(Image: Cherie Stafford, cc-nc-3.0)

Converting redundant passenger aircraft into hostels, hotels and houses has become more common in recent years, not least the Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm or the incredible recycled Wing House project in California. Now, guests at the Hotel Costa Verde can experience Costa Rica’s most exclusive suite in the form of a recycled Boeing 727.

costa verde hotel 727 hotel  Abandoned Boeing 727 Becomes Exclusive Costa Rican Hotel Suite(Images: Hotel Costa Verde)

The vintage passenger plane, built in 1965, was operated by South Africa Air and later Avianca Airlines (Colombia). But after (seemingly) ending its days in a San Jose aircraft graveyard, the tired airframe was salvaged piece by piece and transported to Hotel Costa Verde on five big-rig trucks.

costa verde hotel 727 hotel 2  Abandoned Boeing 727 Becomes Exclusive Costa Rican Hotel Suite(Images: Hotel Costa Verde)

Perched on a 50 foot pedestal, the 727’s interior is decked out in Costa Rican teak, while the two air conditioned bedrooms boast queen sized beds, private baths and flat screen TVs. It’s not the only aircraft house or plane hotel around, but the hand-carved furnishings and scenic ocean and jungle views from the hard wood deck atop the aircraft’s right wing certainly make it one of the most exclusive examples of post-service aircraft design.

Bizarre-Looking “Aircraft House” in Abuja, Nigeria

plane home abuja  Bizarre-Looking “Aircraft House” in Abuja, Nigeria(Image: Jonathan Blundell, cc-nc-sa-3.0)

Journalist Jonathan Blundell snapped a photo of this bizarre looking “aircraft house” outside the Nigerian capital Abuja.  Presiding over what appears to be a pleasant hillside villa, the aircraft replica forms a portico above the front door of the building.  A door beneath the starboard wing likely provides access to a roof deck.  Not a plane home in the true sense, this odd accessory nevertheless falls into the same category.