Plane Spotting: Storm Climb’s New Weekly Link Round-up

boeing x 20  Plane Spotting: Storm Climb’s New Weekly Link Round-up(Image: NASA, public domain)

Welcome to Plane Spotting, a new weekly link round-up article from Storm Climb.  We chose the name based on our passion for aviation combined with finding – or spotting – fascinating stories from aircraft websites, blogs, magazines across the internet.  Here are 11 interesting stories to get us started, but please do get in touch if you know of anything you feel we should cover.  Until then, enjoy!

9 Lost and Found Airplanes (Mental Floss)

Abandoned World War Two Aircraft in the Pacific (Pacific Wrecks)

Top Secret Technology Demonstrator Aircraft that are Now Declassified (Urban Ghosts)

12 Awesome Hot Air Balloons (Oddee)

Takeoff Mistakes: The Critical Minute (Plane & Pilot)

Big Fuel Savings Demand New Configurations (Aviation Week & Space Technology)

Loser X-Planes (Air & Space Magazine)

Top Secret Aircraft and Classified Technology (Beyond Black Projects)

Splendid Abandoned Airplanes (Dark Roasted Blend)

The Wing House is Complete (re-nest)

Retired 747 Airplane Transformed into Striking Malibu Home (inhabitat)