What is Storm Climb?

Storm Climb is an “alternative aviation” magazine, focusing on fun and offbeat articles that often go unnoticed or unmentioned by the mainstream aerospace press, trade and hobby publications. While we may occasionally break news, our core mission is to report the fascinating, obscure and eccentric stories from across the world of aviation. So if you want to explore aircraft graveyards, learn about secret aircraft that may or may not exist, discover crazy homebuilt planes or browse stunning aerospace photography, you’ve come to the right place!


It is our strict policy to credit photographers in full and provide a link back to the source of all images.  Images used are either available in the public domain, copylefted (under Creative Commons licenses) or reproduced with the express permission of the copyright holder.  Please let us know if we have credited an image incorrectly. Likewise, if  you feel a photograph has been used unlawfully or against the terms of its license, please bring this to our attention so we can address it immediately.

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