randolph air force base symmetry  Randolph AFB – the World’s Most Symmetrical Military Installation?(Image via Google Earth and TerraMetrics)

Part of Joint Base San Antonio, Randolph AFB in Texas is one of the most architecturally appealing and arguably the most symmetrical of all US military installations. Arising soon after the Air Corps Act of 1926, Randolph Air Force Base is bound by two large runways, with a central approach road leading to the Randolph Field Historic District – a National Historic Landmark.

randolph air force base  Randolph AFB – the World’s Most Symmetrical Military Installation?(Image: Shane.torgerson, cc-sa-3.0)

Military facilities are steeped in history, but it’s not often that a serving base is also considered a historic landmark.  In the case of Randolph AFB, the district includes 350 contributing buildings and 47 non-contributing buildings in a 405 acre area.  The majority of the structures – including a historic control tower – date from 1929 to 1932.