Wrecked B-52 Bombers South of Edwards AFB

b 52s edwards  Wrecked B-52 Bombers South of Edwards AFB(Images via Google Earth)

Aircraft enthusiasts who frequent Edwards Air Force Base in California will likely be familiar with a Boeing NB-52B nicknamed Balls 8, either for its history as NASA’s longstanding “mothership” or for its more recent position on display by the airfield’s north gate.  Less well known are two derelict B-52 bombers located south of the dry lake bed – one relatively complete minus its tail fin, the other chopped into several large pieces.

b 52s edwards 21  Wrecked B-52 Bombers South of Edwards AFB(Images: JACoulter, cc-nd-2.0; Google Earth)

The wrecked B-52s are among several retired airframes dotted across the Edwards radar range.  With security so high at the base, it’s surprising that photographers have managed to get close enough to take these photos.  Is the range still active or is it abandoned?

3 thoughts on “Wrecked B-52 Bombers South of Edwards AFB”

    1. Hi I was at Edwards AFB this winter in November, I saw the B52’s and the B58, we wanted to walk to the aircraft to get some nice shot but got scared of being inside an army base, those wrecks are definitely way in the base !!!! they are signs all over to remind you, I’m amazed of the very close pictures that those guy tooks !

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