Aircraft in Movies: Wings Museum Offers World War Two Film Props for Hire

(Images courtesy of Wings Museum, reproduced with permission)

The post-World War Two film industry featured numerous aircraft in movies, and the sheer number of planes rendered surplus to requirements by the close of hostilities ensured a plentiful supply for filmmakers.  But after more than 65 years, authentic aircraft props are not as easy to find.  Enter Wings Museum, which offers a variety of fully equipped vintage aviation props for hire.

The forward fuselage of this Douglas DC-3/C-47 Dakota, complete with fully restored cockpit, is one of the movie props available.  Used in the filming of the popular television show Band of Brothers, the Dakota cockpit also comes with a removable canopy section to offer filmmakers a wider field of vision.

A DC-3/C-47 Dakota fuselage – also from Band of Brothers and most recently used in the filming of a horror movie – is also available alongside a vintage World War Two Jeep, restored Morrison Shelter and a variety of other movie props.  Find out more about Wings Museum here, and for more prop aircraft in movies, check out this abandoned plane wreck prop in Nevada, and this “crashed” Boeing 747 featured in War of the Worlds.

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